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My work is fairly wide-ranging in terms of my subject matter. I am especially drawn to imagery derived from my dreams, world mythologies, indigenous cultures, and nature. Narrative is an important aspect in most of my work, so there is often a story associated with many of the pieces represented. I work in all of the traditional painting mediums; acrylics, oils, watercolors, airbrush, collage, and digital media. I use a lot of different layering techniques in most of my work. Layering allows me to create visual interplay among the various visual elements and discover interactions of subject matter, color, texture and narrative that might not otherwise be outwardly obvious. Many art historians believe that art has its roots in shamanism and that its original function was to illustrate the shamanic experience and be a focus for shamanic power. Today shamanic art is never mere ornamentation. It illustrates what the spirits look like, provides maps of the universe to keep the shaman and the viewer oriented and generates Mandalas—symbols of wholeness which remind us of our place within the universe. Shamanic art is one of the shaman's tools, just as are the rattle and drum. This is true whether the art is on the cave walls of Lascaux (ca. 17,000 years ago) or a newly painted canvas. Check my store section to see the available works I have prepared for you!

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