Terms and Conditions

FOR PRINTS , Original Art and Wearable Art : I will choose the most cost-effective shipping carrier based on the items ordered and their destination. Shipping times range from 1-14 business days. You will receive a tracking number as soon as your order has been shipped.

SHIPPING PRICES are calculated based on your cart total as follows:

** Due to shipping requirements, pieces with a long side greater than 40" or a short side greater than 30" may incur additional charges.  Please see our Crate and Freight shipping policies below for more information.

Large Size Products and Crating Policies

Due to shipping requirements and the potential for damage, some products over 30" on the short side, or over 40" in length must be crated at an additional cost.

All additional Crate fees are included in the product total.

Crate for Metal Prints over 30x40 to 40x60 $15.00 (required)

Crate for Metal Prints over 40x60 $20.00 (required)

I can provide freight quotes for these orders. Please allow additional time for the quote and freight delivery times.

Shipping Outside of the Continental US, Expedited Shipping, and Special Requests

APO shipping is charged full cost and sent via USPS.

Requests for shipping outside of the continental United States, other types of shipping, and expedited shipping will be charged at full cost.

I am not responsible for duties and taxes required for international shipping.

Shipping Quotes are available for large orders or orders shipping to international destinations. Please contact me with the details of what will be in the order and the address it will be shipped to.

FOR ORIGINALS & LIMITED EDITIONS Shipping times range from 3-14 business days. Tracking information will be emailed to you as soon as available. Shipping for these items will be based on weight.

Cart Weight: Up to 5LBs • Ground Shipping: $ 9.95 • Expedited 2 Day Shipping: $19.95 Cart Weight: 5 - 10 LBs • Ground Shipping: $15.95 • Expedited 2 Day Shipping: $29.95 Cart Weight: 10-15 LB • Ground Shipping: $19.95 • Expedited 2 Day Shipping: $39.95 Cart Weight: 15 LB + • Ground Shipping: $29.95 • Expedited 2 Day Shipping: $49.95