My Art Style: A Guide for Collectors

My Art Style: A Guide for Collectors

My Art Style: A Guide for Collectors

Why I Make Art:

I make art about things that I would like to SEE. I indulge my imagination through the study of mythology, cosmology, occultism, metaphysics, science, religion, meditation, and dreams. I am constantly made aware of connections and perceptions that suggest a singularity of all these fields of knowledge.

What Makes My Art Different?

My art is inspired by dreams and my own inner visions. I strive to create for the viewer an experience that transcends the mundane everyday world. I create imagery that makes visually tangible what can only be explored when the viewer allows their conciseness the freedom to embrace a visual vocabulary of what is otherwise the UNSEEN. This kind of imagery has been known by many different labels: visionary, psychedelia, surreal, metaphysical. My unique style while containing elements that are "psychedelic", is clearly an artistic expression that transcends simple categorization.

What Dose My Art Offer:

The images I create provide for the viewer however momentarily it might seem, a window or a door into a space that is both strange yet also oddly familiar. Because my art defies easy categorization, it invites curiosity and reflection. These responses can lead the viewer into new and unexplored realms within their own interior worlds of the soul.

How Can I Help You Today?

Thank you for visiting Mark C. Myers Fine Art and Wearable Art! 

Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My work is available for purchase. 

I respond to all inquiries such as recommendations on shipping options, print sizes, media types, framing options, etc.

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