Buto Vision

Buto Vision

Buto Vision

Buto Vision is based on ancient legends from indigenous tribes of the amazon Rain Forests. During the rainy season the river waters rise and inundate the surrounding forest. The pink river dolphins have been observed swimming among the the branches of the flooded forest.

One of the most pervasive legends in the Amazon is that of the shape-shifting river dolphin. According to this legend, at night the dolphin morphs into a tall, handsome and elegantly-dressed man. The man, dressed all in white according to some versions and sometimes wearing a hat (to cover his blowhole), steps ashore and sets out to seduce the wives and daughters of the Amazonian villages. 

Some say he goes to local fiestas and charms the most beautiful girl at the party. He then impregnates the woman, before returning to the river when the sun comes up. In some versions, the woman remembers nothing about it — and then comes her unexpected pregnancy. According to this myth, the pink river dolphin, again sometimes in human form, will take lone swimmers – children and adults, men and women — to the mystical underwater world of Encante, from which they can never return. On the positive side, the sub-aquatic realm is often described as an Atlantis-like paradise, not too dissimilar to the real world but better in every way.

Medium: High Gloss Metal Print, Size: 36in. x 36in.

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